Meet Sarah

From suicidal to ceo

After being hospitalized twice for attempting to end my life, I realized what it meant to live.

I’ve dealt with severe mental illness my entire life. Due to that, I’ve spent my entire life trying to fill a void in my heart I thought I’d never be able to fill. The depression left me feeling like I’d never amount to anything. Constantly addicted to chasing “dreams” I thought would finally be the answer to my happiness.

Working towards those dreams made me feel on top of the world. But once I realized them? I was back at square one. Depressed, miserable, and brainstorming the next big idea that would finally make me happy. It was a vicious cycle of addiction I could never break free from. So, what finally changed?

I had to come to terms with the fact that nothing would change until I faced the things I allowed to control me for so long.

My earliest memory is me having a panic attack at six years old after being molested by a family friend. A secret I held onto for twenty years. Many traumas throughout my life compounded until I found myself being hospitalized for wanting to end my life. Twice.

It wasn’t easy. But once I started healing my traumas, I was able to let go of the fear of never being enough. Finally able to enjoy my life without feeling like I was falling behind. The vicious cycle of never being enough had finally ended.

external dreams cannot heal internal wounds

It’s time for you to

Stop relying on external dreams

For happiness. You deserve to feel content with who you are. Busy-ness does not have to determine your self-worth.

Take back control of your life

And mental health. Your past does not get the ultimate say on what happens to your future, you do.

Realize what peace feels like

And get rid of those voids you’ve been trying to fill with the self-love you deserve. Once you have that, you’ll be unstoppable.

What our clients are saying
After healing myself

i did things I never thought I cOULD DO

  • Became a therapist specializing in childhood trauma.
  • Shared my story with thousands and helped save lives.
  • Became CEO of a multi-million-dollar company.
  • Built my own company that revolutionized mental health.
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